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About the Chesterfield Advanced Development Program (CADP)

The objective of the training at the Richmond Strikers is to provide our youngest players with an environment that promotes learning, creative thinking, problem solving, skill development, and a love for the game. The curriculum is designed to be age appropriate and to teach the fundamentals of the game in a small-sided environment. The program is run under the leadership of ADP Director Pat McStay.
The CADP is the transition between the recreational side (Chesterfield Strikers) and the travel side (Richmond Strikers Chesterfield).

The program offers a youth soccer environment that will improve not only their skills, but their approach to the game as well. The CADP is a year long developmental program: Fall Season (late-August to mid-November); Winter Training (mid-January-February); Spring Season (early March to mid-May). The fees listed on this page cover the entire year. 
The Chesterfield Advanced Development Program (CADP) is divided into 3 age categories:
  • U6 - for those players born in 2012
  • U7/8 - for those players born in 2010/11
  • U9 - for those players born in 2009

The program is made of about 60-80 players (boys & girls). The U6/U8 players play the majority of their games “in-house” (versus other players in the CADP). The U9 players will play some “in-house” games, but also have games against outside opponents/clubs. The program organizes the players as a pool, rather than traditional teams. This gives players an opportunity to be grouped with players of similar skill levels, as well as an opportunity to work with several coaches over the course of the year.

ADP Director for Chesterfield Strikers
Pat McStay: USSF "A" License, NSCAA Premier Diploma and Director of Coaching Diploma as well as NSCAA Player Development Level 1-5 Certification, La Liga Formation Level 1 license, WFA Advanced Periodisation Diploma and has been at Chesterfield Strikers (formerly Chesterfield United since 2010)

ADP Coaches: Lane Lawrence, Rudy Argueta, Erik Haigler, Kieth Captain, Daniel Watson, Juan Chavez, , Kyle Sellers (asst.), 

Tuesdays @ 5:30-6:45/7pm Location River City #12
Thursdays @ 5:30-6:45/7 Location River City #12

Tuesdays @ 530-645 River City #12
Thursday @ 530-645 River City #12 (Training 530-6 and in house game 6-645)
No Saturday Games 4v4 in house games every Thursday!
Game Dates: September 7, 14, 21, 28 October 5, 12, 19th

River City: 13030 Genito Road, Midlothian, VA 23112

Winter ADP 

U8s: Register Here! Just $25 for 5 Own Touch Sessions 
Jan. 21, 28, Feb. 11, 18, 25
12-1pm session or 1-2pm session
This is 100% optional but we strongly encourage everyone to sign up! 

U9s: The 5 Own Touch Sessions will be included in your fee. Dates are the same but the times will differ. There will be a 2-3pm and a 3pm-4pm session. Director Pat McStay will send out the groups sometime in December.

Register Here For Fall 2017 ADP

GAMES (U7/8 & U9)
It will be organized each week into teams by ability, age, mixed gender and/or randomly. This format allows us more freedom and flexibility to work on the things we did during the week at practice in a game environment and focus more on skills than results in ”league games”.

U6 Games will be in house games every Thursday after 30 minutes of practice.

U6: 4v4 no goalkeeper (sometimes 4 goals sometimes 2)
U8: 5v5
U9: 7V7 with GK per new US Soccer mandate

Note: smaller sided games, under differing conditions, promote the qualities that we are looking for in our youth players by allowing for more touches on the ball, more creativity with the ball, more individual problem solving in the game environment.  

“The structure for our ADP benefits all the players” added Richmond Strikers Youth Development Director, Erwan LeCrom. “The format allows us to continually focus on skill development and getting all the players as many meaningful touches on the ball as possible. Sometimes in traditional formats, competition revolves around records, wins/losses, teams, and league games. We like to make practices and games competitive by challenging the players to combine with teammates, try moves, express themselves, experiment in a fear free environment and work together with and without the ball."

 The U9 will be participating in 2 local tournaments with the potential of one being futsal

U6 (2012) : $150 (per season)
U7/U8 (2010/11) : $400 (for fall and spring)
U9 (2009) : $1075 (for fall, winter, and spring)

 Register Here For Fall 2017 ADP

At the Richmond Strikers and Richmond Strikers Chesterfield, our aim is to prepare today for tomorrow. We believe that the collective strength of any team or club is only as good as the individual competency of its players. Our focus therefore, is to create environments that allow for the greatest number of players the opportunity to express themselves and develop to the best of their abilities.

We have an age appropriate curriculum in place that will equip our players with the fundamental skills that they will need to carry with them as they continue to develop.  For this reason, our focus at these ages is to develop the individual and small group skills of our players. 

The 3 main components of our age appropriate curriculum are:

1. Technical
2. Agility, Balance and Coordination
3. Simple decisions - using games to teach format

Players will experience different coaches and different teammates helping to keep the focus on the individual skill acquisition. They will train in mixed groups (mainly by ability, but sometimes mixed).